Cybersleuth - Search engine for MS students

The Amazing Picture Machine  -Search for pictures on any topic.


Homework Helpers

Homework SpotK-12 articles, themes, field trips, references and more

Homework Helper- Many useful site listed by subject

DiscoverySchool for StudentsHomework helper links by subject area.
Ask on Expert-Connects you with hundreds of experts, from astronauts to zookeepers.Connects you with hundreds of experts, from astronauts to zookeepers.

Flashcard Machine- a web application that enables users to create interactive web-based study flash cards and share them with others.

Flash Card Maker

Memorize - Studying With Flashcards & Diagrams

Webster's Dictionary- Connects you to Webster's dictionary online.

Building Houses with Side View - student constructs a block figure (dynamic, perspective drawing) to match (10 different figures)

US Map Game
Shockwave Flash
Drag the State Names onto the map. CHALLENGE A FRIEND!

Internet 4 Classrooms - Sites to Help Parents Help Their Children

Classroom Help:  Interactive sites to help students prepare for their LA & Math assessments.


Khan Academy -  29,451,550 Lessons delivered

WebMath - provides calculating and instructional support for solving math problems.

Math Practice

Math TV - Professional video lessons in mathematics. Covers basic math through calculus.

Math EOG Practice - Practice EOG questions online

Math Warehouse - Interactive MATH activities

Visual Math Learning - Understanding mathematics through insight, concept, and perception.


Primary Games

Problem Solving



Cool Math Games - Bloxorz

Fun Activities & Sites with more links

Lewis & Clark Scavenger Hunt -Think you can lead the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Kerpoof - Doodle; create cards, stories, etc.  

The Incredible Art Department - The incredible art department – art lessons and lots of art info

New York Philharmonic Kids Zone! -Create an instrument, meet a composer, and learn about an orchestra.

The Problem Site - Play Educational Games, Solve Problems & Puzzles!

Rebus Puzzles  Rebus puzzles (also known as word puzzles or frame puzzles) is a NIEHS kids site that hosts a collection of Rebus brain teasers.  The brain teasers each have a drop down menu that reveals the answer to the puzzle. 

Sketchpad - online drawing/paint pad

Bomomo is an interesting drawing utility that creates images out of controlled chaos.

Mutapic is drawing tool that has users select a set of parameters then the program creates an image.


Poetry Pantry Field Trip

Famous Poets and Poems    

Poetry Fun

Poetry 4 Kids

Keyboard Practice - Typing at the speed of thought

Keyboarding Resources for Your Computer - resources to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced keyboarding skills to sail through Middle School and into High School with flying colors

Typing Web - Free online typing tutor

Keyboarding Practice - a series of 17 drills to help you improve your keyboarding technique and speed.

Free typing tutor online 

Keyboarding Games & Exercises

Dance Mat Typing - A fun colorful website with animation and games introducing touch typing


Educational Games & Game Resources

1. XP Math is a good place to find math games, math videos, math worksheets, and math e-books. Thegames section of XP Math offers games for basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability. Create an account on XP Math and you can keep track of your scores.

2. Word Twistis an online version of the popular board game, Boggle. Word Twistcomes in two versions a four by four grid and a five by five grid. Thepurpose of Word Twist is to identify as many words as possible usingthe letters in the grid.

3. Super Text Twist is a simple word game similar to Word Twist which asks plays to identify words from a set of jumbled letters. The Super Text Twist game be played online or downloaded for use offline.

4. Parade of Games in Powerpoint was developed by faculty at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.Parade of Games in Powerpoint providesteachers with games and game templates for classroom use. The games andgame templates are available for download in Powerpoint format. Some ofthe games and game templates that teachers can find on Parade of Games in Powerpoint include Bingo, Jeopardy, and scavenger hunts.

5. Arcademic Skill Buildersoffers a collection of twenty-one quality games for sharpening math andlanguage arts skills. All of the games can be played online and six ofthe games are even enabled for play using a Nintendo Wii remote.

6. The Problem Siteis loaded with great games for students. Some of the games aretraditional "hang-man" style games, some of the games are traditionalgames with a twist,and some of the games are completely new. Each game is designed to helpstudents develop problem solving skills. The games are categorized asword games, math games, or strategy games.

7. Ghost Blastersis designed to help students learn to multiply and divide quickly intheir heads. To play Ghost Blasters select a multiple of which each"bad" ghost will have a value that is a multiple of that which youchose. Students then use their mouse to blast every "bad" ghost. Forexample, if I select "5" at the beginning then all bad ghosts willdisplay a multiple of 5. I then have to blast all of the bad ghosts togain points, but if I blast a "good" ghost (a ghost that does not havea multiple of 5) I lose points.

8. Learning Games for Kids offers games for mathematics as well as many other content areas. Most of the games on Learning Games for Kids can be played directly on the website although some do link out to other sources.

9. Learn With Math Gamesis a site that I like because it offers online games as well as PDFtemplates for games that teachers and students can play in theirclassrooms. Learn With Math Games is organized by grade level and by mathematics topic.

10. Gamequarium developed by Diana Dell(a great person to follow on Twitter by the way) offers an excellentcatalog of mathematics games and video demonstrations of mathematicsfunctions.

11. Primary Games offers a collection of mathematics games as well as games for other content areas. You can grab some of the games on Primary Games and embed them into your own blog or website.

12. Grammar Ninjais a fun game for students to play as they develop a working knowledgeof the parts of speech. Grammar Ninja has three levels for students towork through. As long as you answer questions correctly, they continuethrough the game, but answer incorrectly and the words explode.

14. the World Food Programme'swebsite offers students a large selection of educational online gamesand activities. The games are categorized by age group. Some of thegames, like Food Force, are about world hunger while other games are more general in nature.

15. Taking it Global,an organization for youth interested in global issues, has a smallgames section that includes a game based on the flags of the world. Flags of the Worldasks students to match flags to their respective countries. Aftermatching each flag to its country students can click the "learn more"link to find more information about that country.

16. Shape It Up is one of many good educational games and activities on Kinetic CityShape It Upis an activity that would be good for use in an EarthScience lesson. The activity presents students with "before" and"after" images of a piece of Earth. Students then have to select theforce nature and the span of time it took to create the "after"picture. If students choose incorrectly, Shape It Up will tell the student and they can choose again.

17. The Houghton Mifflin Company produces Grammar BlastGrammar Blast offers 35 interactive grammar activities for students in grades two through five.

18. The Grammar Practice Park produced by Harcourt School Publishers provides 12 games for students in grades three, four, and five.

19. The British Council's Learn English website offers 69 interactive activitiesfor learning the rules of grammar. The activities are not listed bygrade level so you will have to preview them to determine whichactivities are best suited for your students.

20. Maggie's Learning Adventures visitors will find five grammar activities as well as activities for learning Spanish, Math, and Science.

21. The BBC's Skillswise website is a great resource for a wide variety of content areas. On the grammar and spelling page there are 21 activities suitable for students of middle school and high school age.

22. Playing Historyis a collection of 128 games related to topics in US and World Historyas well as civics and geography. The games come from a variety ofsources across the web. Feedback on every game and suggestions forfuture additions are welcomed by the hosts of the site. Visitors to Playing History can search for games by using the tag cloud, by using the search box, or just browse through the entire list.

23. Think About Historyis a fun trivia game on The object of the game is to crossthe playing board by correctly answering a sequence of history triviaquestions. The game has multiple levels that get progressively moredifficult throughout the game. The questions on Think About History are a mix of video-based and text-based questions. The game can be played as an individual game or a two player game.

24. Fling the Teacheris a website containing 68 history quiz games. All of the quizzes haveat least fifteen questions and a few of the games have more than 100questions. The average is 30-45 questions per quiz. Prior to startingeach quiz game students can create their own custom game character.

25. Scavenger Hunt Through History is a game designed to be played by students in junction with Freedom: A History of US produced by PBS. Freedom: A History of UScontains is an overview of US history containing videos, documents, andpictures. In addition to the resources previously mentioned, their arequizzes for students to test their knowledge.

26. National Geographic Kidshas a wide variety of games, puzzles, and activities for students ofelementary school age. National Geographic Kids has nine gamesspecifically for developing geography skills.

27. Learning Together offers four activities for learning about the geography of the UnitedStates. Learning Together also offers a game about world geography anda game about European geography.

28. Owl and Mouse Educational Software offers nine, free, interactive maps for students. The maps cover every continent except Antarctica.

29. Traveler IQ Challenge has 14 interactive geography games. The activities can be embedded in a blog or website.

30. Geosenseis a fun way to use and improve your knowledge of world geography.Players can play against the computer or challenge another player. Geosense can be played anonymously or you can register and have your scores recorded for you. There are four Geosense maps (US, World, Europe, or advanced) that players can select from.

31. Smarty Gamesfeatures games for developing basic mathematics and reading skills.There are six mathematics games covering basic addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division. The reading section has two alphabetgames and nine animated stories. In addition to the mathematics andreading activities,Smarty Games offers activities for learning to read a clock, puzzles, mazes, coloring activities.

32. Planet In Actionis a fun website that features three games based on Google Earth. Allthree games utilize Google Earth imagery and navigation. The threegames are Ships, Places, and Moon Lander. In "Places" you navigate,from a helicopter view, five popular places including the Grand Canyon.In "Ships" you become the captain of a fleet of ships to navigatefamous ports of call. And in "Moon Lander" you take control of theApollo 11 moon lander and guide the "Eagle" to touch-down.

33. The National Center for Education Statistics hosts a collection of games and tools for students. Dare to Compareis a quiz section of Kids' Zone where students can test their knowledgeof civics, economics, history, geography, mathematics, and science.After taking each quiz the students are shown the correct answers. Dare to Compare also allows students to see the national and international average rate of correct answers.

34. Brain Bashers offers visitors a nice selection of word games, logic games, and puzzles. Brain Bashers is updated regularly with many games that change daily and new games added every week.Brain Bashers was developed and is maintained by Kevin Stone. Kevin Stone is a mathematics teacher in England.

35. The Discovery Channel website lets you test your trivia knowledge while playing the same quizzes the contestants on Cash Cab play. Play the Cash Cab quiz game and earn fictitious money for every question you answer correctly. Answer three questions incorrectly and the game is over.